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Conservation agriculture attracts Puebla farmers

One of the general objectives of Conservation Agriculture and MasAgro is to create linkages, or strengthen already exisiting relations, among private agricultural organizations. With this in mind, a CA training course was conducted at the CIMMYT-TlaltizapƔn station in Morelos on 29 April 2011.

The course welcomed 35 agriculture entrepreneurs and three technicians from Puebla, who attended to learn more about CA and how to apply its principals ni their fields.

AC1Ɠscar BaƱuelos, superintendent at TlaltizapĆ”n, began the course by welcoming all the participants. BaƱuelos, who also attends Conservation Agricultureā€˜s technical certification course, applies CA technology throughout the season as a way to reclaim lots in disrepair and as an agronomic alternative to save on production costs.

Pedro Maldonado, President of the State Program of Conservation Agriculture (PEAC) in Puebla, and CA team member Andrea Chocobar also demonstrated at the event. Pedro Maldonado explained the forms of support that the Valles Altos CA Hub offers farmers interested in trying CA. Chocobar spoke about the basic principles of CA, such as the use of machinery as a key factor in the CA adoption process and the different variations of CA.

To end the course, the participants visited the fields of two farmers practicing CA, gowing mainly sorghum. The CA farmers spoke of the advantages of the system and the reasons inspiring its adoption. They also agreed that CAā€™s results can be seen when soil remains undamaged during times of heavy rain, which has led to significant cost savings and increased production. During the course, the CA team succeeded in promoting and enhancing the participation of producers of sorghum, beans, corn, and barley from the highland and semi-tropical zones of Puebla.