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CIMMYT begins 2010 with Science Week

CIMMYT scientists are set to meet on January 20-26 2010 for Science Week. The event is meant to bring IRS and selected national staff from Mexico and the regional offices together so that they can (1) share successes and critically review activities of CIMMYT’s research programs and units; (2) define concrete action steps to improve the quality of our work; (3) learn about changing processes and practices at CIMMYT; (4) discuss program-specific issues and 2010 work plans; and (5) discuss inter-program work and perspectives for 2010 and beyond.

The week promises to be an exciting one, with a change from the traditional presentation-style program to a variety of formats that will enable participants to discuss issues more freely. The program will start with a critical review of CIMMYT research, starting with overview presentations and then seeking answers to critical questions about CIMMYT’s four Programs and GRU/CRIL. This will be followed by small group discussions on science and publications, germplasm and platforms, partnerships activities, and fundraising and human resources, all with the aim of identifying ways to improve the quality of CIMMYT’s core business. Topics that are programmatic, inter-program, institutional, and CGIAR-wide in scope will be covered during the week. In consultation with scientists, a Task Force made up of Matthew Reynolds (GWP), Iván Ortiz-Monasterio (CAP), Cosmos Magorokosho (GMP and regional), Jon Hellin (SEP), Susanne Dreisigacker (GWP and biotech), José Crossa (GRU and CRIL), Petr Kosina (Co-coordinator) and Luz George (Coordinator) assisted DDG-RP Marianne Banziger in developing the program.

Scientists are requested to bring posters that were presented at scientific meetings in 2008 and 2009. There will be space to display the posters and to ‘talk science’ with colleagues.