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CIMMYT and John Dodds bid each other fond farewell

At a luncheon organized by CIMMYT in his honor in the Rincón Mexicano on 22 September 2006, out-going Deputy Director General for Research, John Dodds, thanked CIMMYT for the fond memories and excellent support during his two-year stay here.

“I’d worked at other CG centers before coming to CIMMYT, and you always think of CIMMYT as a place of excellence with the most outstanding scientific and communications staff, so it was a dream come true for me to get this job,” he said.

The luncheon was attended by some 30 staff, including directors, researchers, and personnel from support units. Director General Masa Iwanaga mentioned John’s habit of constantly monitoring his email and recalled how, when he was in Washington and first got in touch with John about the job, he sent him a message: “I got a reply in about five minutes!”

Masa read the words of the commemorative plaque, signed by himself and Board Chair Lene Lange, that was presented to John: “The International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center wishes to recognize and thank John Dodds who, during 2004-06, fostered scientific dialog, innovation, and efficiency by re-establishing the biannual science forum and, through his leadership in developing the business plan, helped reshape CIMMYT and cultivate a delivery-focused approach in research. His accomplishments included enhancing Center partnerships with ICARDA and IRRI and spearheading a global initiative to combat and control the spread of stem rust. Finally, his concern and talents for human relations and sincere and direct efforts in communication contributed significantly to staff morale.”

CIMMYT wishes you all the best in future endeavors, John!