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“Dedication” for a lifetime’s dedication: Cordova honored by Central American network

December 29, 2006

The 53rd Annual Meeting of the Central American Cooperative Program for the Improvement of Crops and Animals (PCCMCA)—a network established by Edwin J. Wellhausen and L. Sterling Wortman with Rockfell …

From labs to farmer’s lots: mapping impact pathways for CIMMYT

December 21, 2006

How do CIMMYT research products reach farmers, and how can we make that happen better, more quickly, and more often? Those are a few of the issues that CIMMYT staff, with logistical and technical supp …

Transparency and transmission: wheat quality in the marketplace

December 21, 2006

According to Erika Meng, CIMMYT economist and organizer of a workshop on wheat quality held at El Batán during 7-8 December 2006: ‘“We’ve worked on wheat quality at CIMMYT for a long time, but usually …

Visit to the maize and wheat germplasm bank

December 15, 2006

M.C. Vidal Fernández, one teacher, and 10 students from De Roque Technological Institute, Advanced studies on seed, Celaya, Guanajuato. Our colleagues Víctor H. Chávez and Eduardo Hernández guided the …

Visit to Tlaltizapán

December 15, 2006

Chinese journalists Fan Jian (center) of the Science and Technology Daily and Jianke Jiang (right) of the People’s Daily, accompany Xiaofeng Dai, Deputy Director General, Chinese Academy of Agricultur …

Message from Masa: 2006 King Baudouin Award for CIMMYT work in sub-Saharan Africa

December 15, 2006

Masa Iwanaga, CIMMYT Director General, accepts the King Baudouin Award on behalf of the organization in Washington, DC.

Course prepares Turkish researchers to conduct impact assessments

December 15, 2006

Referring to the first-ever training course in Turkey on assessing the impacts of agricultural research and development, held during 22 November-01 December, Mesut Keser, Deputy Director General of th …

Marooned at Mt. Meru: Kenya’s floods trap CIMMYT team

December 8, 2006

Last Wednesday, Kenya-based maize breeder Alpha Diallo and driver Haron Mwangi had a harrowing experience on the slopes of Mt. Meru in Tanzania, where they were marooned for nearly 6 hours. “We were o …