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Source: Daily Times (21 Nov 2021)

At COP26, Special Assistant to Pakistan’s Prime Minister on Climate Change said that a transboundary dialogue on mitigating air pollution was imperative to resolve Lahore’s smog.

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Source: The Times of India (13 Nov 2021)

ML Jat speaks with The Times of India about the work of CIMMYT and its partners on diversification and carbon credits—two futuristic ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture in India.

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Source: Down To Earth (1 Jul 2021)

The Happy Seeder—a machine that cuts and lifts the paddy straw while simultaneously sowing the wheat crop—is not just the least polluting, but also the most scalable solution that can be adopted by farmers ‘en masse’.


Five CIMMYT solutions for a fairer, healthier world.

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Source: Times of India (23 Oct 2020)

It’s that time of the year when pollution levels start increasing, but two factors may help north India avoid the ‘airpocalypse’ this time.