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Kaniz Tamanna

Machinery Development Officer

Kaniz Tamanna is a machinery development officer with CIMMYT’s Sustainable Agrifood Systems (SAS) program in Bangladesh. She works on the Cereal Systems Initiative for South Asia – Mechanization and Extension Activity (CSISA-MEA) project, with responsibility to provide technical support to the agriculture based light engineering workshops. At CIMMYT, she is excited to have the opportunity to research different locally demanded agricultural machines such as jute decorticator machines, fodder chopper machines, onion and garlic planters, onion seed separators, and others.

Tamanna is a proud agricultural engineer, who graduated from Bangladesh Agricultural University in the department of Farm Power and Machinery. She has three publications in national level journals on rice reaper machines, rice transplanter machines and ice crusher machines for raw fish storage.

Tamanna also worked as a technical officer under a project funded by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) at Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh.