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Wheat yield symposium in Obregon

From March 20 to 24, approximately 130 participants from more than twenty nations attended the week-long “International Symposium on Wheat Yield Potential: Challenges to International Wheat Breeding,” held at Ciudad Obregon. The symposium was sponsored by CIMMYT and the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) with the aim of charting a course for wheat research in developing countries for the coming decade and beyond.

Special acknowledgment must be given to the symposium organizers and implementers: Matthew Reynolds, chair of the organizing committee; Diana Godinez (administrative support); Arnoldo Amaya (travel and logistics); Rodrigo Rascon and Albertina de Gracia (local logistics); Ma. Teresa Rodriguez (computer and logistical support); Carmen Espinosa, Eleuterio Dorantes, and Petr Kosina, visas; and David Poland, Miguel Mellado and the CIMMYT Graphic Design Unit, extended abstracts and posters.


Published 2006