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Wheat cropping course

Keeping with an agreement between CIMMYT and the Mexican Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries, and Food (SAGARPA) to collaborate in science and technology transfer, CIMMYT hosted a training course on wheat cropping at its Toluca experiment station during 01-05 March.

Thirty-three technical-savvy farmers from wheat producing areas in Mexico attended the program. Toluca station superintendent Fernando Delgado conducted the course, presenting on land preparation, planting alternatives, weed control, efficient use of planting machinery, and diverse farming implements.

Participants are expected to share their newly acquired knowledge from the course with farmers from their respective production areas. Pedro Aquino, principal wheat researcher, will conduct follow-up and impact evaluation. This course will be complemented by a second portion of training in late August that will focus on crop management, identification of common plant diseases, seed health, and grain quality. This two- tiered course is being overseen by Petr Kosina and Roberto Javier Peña.