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Virtual posters

The American Society of Agronomy (ASA), the Crop Science Society of America (CSSA), and the Soil Science Society (SSSA) are offering presenters a new way to share their work. Starting 04 May 2010, these organizations will accept virtual poster submissions from those who are unable to physically attend meetings and events.

A virtual poster is a PDF file of the presentation that is submitted electronically and presented live over the internet. This submission option is available to anyone residing in and a citizen of a country outside of the USA, Mexico, or Canada.

The first event that will accept virtual posters will be the 2010 International Annual Meetings for ASA, CSSA, and SSSA. The meetings will be held in Long Beach, California, from 31 October to 04 November and will include more than 2,800 attendees. For more information, visit www.acsmeetings.org.