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The Economist hat-trick

The Economist, a chief international source of world affairs and political news, has recently published a series entitled “A Special Report on Feeding the World” wherein it discusses CIMMYT’s role in feeding the ever-increasing global population. The report, which appears in The Economist’s print and online editions, mentions CIMMYT in three separate articles that all focus on the series’ theme of agricultural production.

The articles commend the successes of Borlaug’s Green Revolution and CIMMYT’s current work to increase the efficiency of wheat and maize. The articles feature contributions from Director General Thomas A Lumpkin as well as Hans-Joachim Braun, head of the Global Wheat Program; Patrick Wall, Global Conservation Agriculture Program director; and Gary Atlin, associate director of CIMMYT’s Global Maize Program.

Though CIMMYT’s mentions are gratifying, the larger success is that today’s food crisis is taking center-stage. The articles, which reach an immense audience, stress the importance of raising global food productivity, emphasizing technology’s ability to assist this effort. Thanks to these articles, people world-wide are realizing the dire importance of food insecurity and how CIMMYT is using technology to help secure food throughout the world.

To read the full articles, visit The Economist.