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Thank you Norman: Rap song praises Dr. Borlaug

A rap song heralding the handiwork of Dr. Norman Borlaug is now on air. Father of the Green Revolution, Borlaug has kept starvation at bay for millions of people in developing countries through his semidwarf wheat varieties. The impetus for this project was Borlaug’s 90th birthday party, held in March of 2004. Written by MC Tractor and sung by Rohan Prakash, age 11, the song features vocal accompaniment from Luckie Egnin and Destiny Caldwell, both 10, who hail from Côte d’Ivoire and Jamaica, respectively. The music was produced, recorded, and edited by Mr. D.J. Redd and D.J. Cadett. Considering it was produced in less than an hour, the song has created quite a splash; it was recognized worldwide on Voice of America, the Guardian, and Science magazine. Rohan has continued to write and make new songs.

You can listen to the song and see the lyrics on AgBioWorld.