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Researchers in Colombia learn to use Fieldbook

colombiaAbout 20 scientists from FENALCE learned how to use Fieldbook—software for managing maize breeding activities—at CIMMYT-Colombia from 10-12 June 2009. FENALCE, Colombia’s National Federation of Cereal and Legume Breeders, has been one of CIMMYT’s main partners for the past 20 years, and has supported the center’s research, capacity-building, and technology transfer activities. The course was set up to support the Federation’s newly created maize improvement program.

CIMMYT technician NĂ©stor Romero presented the course material along with colleagues Alba LucĂ­a Arcos, breeder; and Luis Narro, senior scientist. Participants learned about inventory management, preparation of seed for international trials, taking data in the field and in the lab, and analysis and interpretation of experiment data. The course covered Fieldbook use for maize cultivation and participants practiced compiling field data and analyzing it with the program. CIMMYT-Colombia staff showed researchers a new printer for creating labels for station experimental plots and envelopes for seed shipments. Participants were also interested in a new machine that quickly and accurately counts seed.

Katherine Girón, technical director of FENALCE, coordinated the training which also marked Henry Vanegas’ beginning as the federation’s general manager. Our best wishes to Henry in his new position!