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New directions for Board Chair Lene Lange

Professor Lene Lange, CIMMYT Trustee since 2002 and Board Chair as of 2005, has stepped down from the Board, after chairing the meetings in India during 6-10 October 2008. On that occasion she received the best wishes of fellow Trustees and of the center’s Management Committee, and in a small ceremony was given a commemorative plaque signed by incoming Chair Julio Berdegué and by Pedro Brajcich and Tom Lumpkin, with the following text: “The International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center wishes to recognize and thank Professor Lene Lange…for her positive and energetic contribution to the role of CIMMYT in working for the resource-poor and her commitment to building a better and more effective Center; for her sincere concern in helping to improve CIMMYT as a place where staff—especially younger scientists—can develop their careers; for her leadership of the Center during a challenging period of change; for her warm and inclusive style of chairing the Board, ensuring that the views and opinions of all Trustees were heard; and, for her vision, clarity of purpose, strength of character, and ability to stimulate debate in the best interests of the Center, the people for whom we work, and the CGIAR.”

Lange has informed CIMMYT that she will pursue two new positions in Denmark: Vice Dean of Research for the Faculties of Engineering, Natural Sciences and Medicine at Aalborg University (AAU), and Professor of Biotechnology in the Copenhagen Institute of Technology, a new branch of AAU, with a new unit on Biotechnology and Bioenergy. All the best, Lene!