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New biotech lab manual: flashy look for flash technology

We’re pleased to announce the compiling and publication of “Laboratory Protocols: CIMMYT Applied Molecular and Genetics Laboratory.” The manual is intended for use by scientists, researchers, and students from national agricultural research systems, universities, and small private companies in developing countries, as well as advanced research institutions in the developed world and CIMMYT staff.

Now in its third edition, this manual incorporates feedback and suggestions from diverse users. Since its first edition, more than 1,000 copies in English and Spanish have been distributed. The main protocols described are for molecular marker technology and can be used in mapping, molecular marker assisted selection, or studies on genetic diversity, and many protocols are useful for crops other than maize and wheat. The Spanish version is of particular importance in Latin America, where it is difficult to find a comparable work. Versions in either language can be viewed and downloaded from CIMMYT’s web page, under “Publications/Manuals.”