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Making the grade: World Bank to provide $850,000 budget boost for outstanding

CIMMYT is one of only two centers in the CGIAR to achieve an “outstanding” level of performance in the annual appraisal conducted by the Secretariat and the Science Council. The announcement that CIMMYT had been given an “A” was made this week.

Every year the CGIAR looks at a set of performance indicators for each of the fifteen research centers to see if they are meeting expectations. The indicators range from how many peer-reviewed papers each scientist has published to how good the financial management has been over the year. They also include assessments of governance, impact and science quality. This year in addition to the two “outstanding” centers, 12 centers received “superior” ratings or a “B” grade and one a “satisfactory” or “C”. At the last review CIMMYT received a “C”, mainly due to the low level of the financial reserve.

The news about our jump from C to A could not come at a better time according to DG Iwanaga. “The outcome, I hope, will affect perceptions of the EPMR follow-up review team who will arrive this weekend,” he says, adding that the news shows CIMMYT is on the right track as a strong, science-based center in which investors and donors can have confidence.

Board of Trustees Chair Lene Lange said “Not just B but A for Outstanding! Congratulations to all of the CIMMYT community. Well done! Keep up the good work!”

Perhaps the best news of all is that based on the outstanding performance the World Bank will increase its allocation to the CIMMYT unrestricted core budget by $850,000. This money will give the center some more flexibility to fund key flagship product development as outlined in the center’s Business Plan and can cushion the impact of any unexpected donor reductions during the year. Masa thanks all CIMMYT staff for “helping the center make the jump from C to A.”