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Maize stakeholders meet

In November 2008, CIMMYT organized meetings for all in-country maize industry stakeholders in eastern Africa to review progress made in 2008 and to propose work plans for 2009. These working groups are part of a regional framework to harmonize activities and resource use among maize projects coordinated by CIMMYT in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. Participants discussed proposed projects and their development into full proposals for consideration in early 2009.

The groups reported success in developing and releasing new varieties, in seed production, and in getting seed to farmers. Participants came from the following projects: Quality Protein Maize Development, Africa Maize Stress, Drought Tolerant Maize for Africa, and the Insect Maize for Africa Project. At the meetings, CIMMYT was represented by Dennis Friesen, Wilfred Mwangi, Stephen Mugo, Twumasi Afriyie, Zubeda Mduruma, Augustine Langyintuo, Dan Makumbi, Yoseph Beyenne, Kimani Kamau, and Anne Wangalachi.