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Innovation Research Program Award for the CIMMYT-CAAS program

Congratulations to the joint program of CIMMYT and the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), which was recently awarded the Innovation Research Program Award from the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture, in recognition of it’s outstanding contributions to wheat quality research and it’s impacts in China.

The CIMMYT-CAAS program was established in 1997 and has achieved significant progress in establishing quality testing protocols for traditional Chinese products, molecular marker development and application, QTL mapping for resistance to yellow rust and powdery mildew, documenting yield progress, variety development and extension, and HR development through collaborations with Chinese institutes and those overseas, including Murdoch University, University of Sydney, and USDA-ARS. The team is led by Zhonghu He, CIMMYT Principal Scientist and Country Representative, and includes seven CIMMYT-trained senior scientists, 15 graduate students, and ten support staff. Highly regarded both in China and internationally, the project also received CGIAR’s regional award in 2007, and a First Class Award in Science and Technology Progress from the Chinese State Council.