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Developing CG guidelines for safe germplasm exchange

Meetings under phase two of the World Bank’s project on Collective Action for the Rehabilitation of Global Public Goods in the CGIAR Genetic Resources System continued at El Batán this week, as participants learned from each other concerning the ways in which individual centers deal with specific pathogens for mandate crops.

“A key part of this involves prioritizing pathogens of quarantine relevance for the transfer of germplasm and protection of genetic resources,” says Etienne Duveiller, CIMMYT wheat pathologist. “We need to make sure that we are harmonizing our approaches in addressing the safe exchange of germplasm; for example, procedures for checking new introductions and sending materials to our clients.”

Among other outcomes, it is expected the workshop, which ended 23 August 2007, will provide a platform for collaborative efforts in support of genebanks, with extension to partners’ systems in the development of a crop-based global system. In addition to Duveiller, participants in this week’s workshop were Thomas Payne, Head of the Wheat Genetic Resources, CIMMYT; Monica Mezzalama, Head of the CIMMYT Seed Inspection and Distribution Unit; Suketoshi Taba, Head of Maize Genetic Resources, CIMMYT; Ehsan Dulloo, of Bioversity’s Understanding and Managing Biodiversity Programme; Maritza Cuervo, Coordinator of CIAT’s Germplasm Health Laboratory; Cecilia Ynouye, of CIP’s Genetic Resource Conservation and Characterization Division; Siham Asaad, Head of ICARDA’s Seed Health Laboratory; Maria Ayodele, Head of IITA’s Germplasm Health Unit; and Patria G. Gonzales, Manager of IRRI’s Seed Health Unit.