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CIMMYT trains farmers from Puebla, Mexico

Raymundo López, Agua Fría station superintendent, facilitated training for 13 farmers from the small communities of Hixtololoyax and Pantepec, in the state of Puebla on 25 June 2009. The farmers learned about developing, disseminating, and sowing quality protein maize (QPM). They also learned about intersynthetic and synthetic maize varieties that are tolerant to drought, low nitrogen, pests, and disease. Lastly, the course dealt with proper application of agro-chemicals.

The training was part of a longterm initiative organized by the state government to improve maize yields in the poorest part of Puebla. CIMMYT is interacting with farmers in these small mountain  communities to teach them about the production of improved maize varieties. With the new skills learned from the course, farmers can experiment in their respective communities under local conditions.