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Borlaug scholarship for children of national staff

The Borlaug Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce it is now accepting scholarship applications for the second semester student scholarship for 2007. Children of national staff in Mexico are eligible to apply if they are in high school and if their parents make monthly salaries of $6,000 pesos or less, (or $7,000 pesos or less for single parents). Children of staff at El Batán, Toluca, Agua Fría, Tlaltizapán and Obregón for are also eligible. The scholarship will consist of a fixed amount per semester that will help students cover the cost of transportation, books, school fees, supplies, etc. The scholarship may last for more than one year, depending on the student’s grade level when awarded the scholarship.

To qualify, students must have grades of 80 and above (on a scale of 0 to 100) and should send official transcripts from this semester or the previous one to Human Resources, who will be working with CIMMYT’s selection committee to administer the scholarship. As in the past, the Committee is asking for help from station superintendents to identify national staff with children who are eligible to apply. The deadline for the scholarship application is 9 November, when all original documents should be submitted to Human Resources.  Best of luck to all applicants!