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10 new studies from CIMMYT staff

Read the latest in CIMMYT's research outputs.

11 January, 2016

The latest studies produced by CIMMYT’s scientists and researchers include new findings on resilient wheat and maize, conservation agriculture, recently discovered trade-offs for farmers and more. One study led by ETH ZĂĽrich graduate Stephanie Cheesman, along with CIMMYT senior agronomist Christian Thierfelder, Neal S. Eash from the University of Tennessee, Girma Tesfahun Kassie, ICARDA, and Emmanuel Frossard, professor at ETH ZĂĽrich, found limited increase in carbon sequestration under conservation agriculture (CA) after up to seven years of practice. Read the study “Soil carbon stocks in conservation agriculture systems of Southern Africa” here and learn about the rest of our recent publications below.


  1. Comparison of Economically Important Loci in Landraces and Improved Wheat Cultivars from Pakistan. 2016. Rasheed, A.; Xianchun Xia; Mahmood, T.; Quraishi, U.M.; Aziz, A.; Bux, H.; Mahmood, Z.; Mirza, J.I.; Mujeeb-Kazi, A.; He Zhonghu. Crop Science 56 : 1-15.
  2. Conservation agriculture affects arthropod community composition in a rainfed maize–wheat system in central Mexico. 2016. Rivers, A.; Barbercheck, M;. Govaerts, B.; Verhulst, N. Applied Soil Ecology 100 : 81-90.
  3. Field-scale modeling of tree–crop interactions : Challenges and development needs. 2016. Luedeling, E.; Smethurst, P.J.; Baudron, F.; Bayala, J.; Huth, N.I.; Meine van Noordwijk; Ong, C.K.; Mulia, R.; Lusiana, B.; Muthuri, C.; Sinclair, F.L. Agricultural Systems 142 : 51-69.
  4. Herbicide options for effective weed management in dry directseeded rice under scented rice-wheat rotation of western Indo- Gangetic Plains. 2016. Singh, V.; Jat, M.L.; Ganie, Z.A.; Chauhan, B.S.; Gupta, R.K. Crop Protection 841 : 168–176.
  5. Improving maize grain yield under drought stress and non-stress environments in Sub-Saharan Africa using marker-assisted recurrent selection. 2016. Beyene, Y.; Fentaye Kassa Semagn; Crossa, J.; Mugo, S.N.; Atlin, G.N.; Amsal Tesfaye Tarekegne; Meisel, B.; Sehabiague, P.; Vivek, B.; Oikeh, S.O.; Alvarado, G.; Machida, L.; Olsen, M.; Prasanna, B.M.; Banziger, M. Crop Science 56 (1) : 344-353.
  6. Initiating maize pre-breeding programs using genomic selection to harness polygenic variation from landrace populations. 2016. Gorjanc, G.; Jenko, J.; Hearne, S.; Hickey, J.M. BMC Genomics 17 : 30.
  7. Productivity, profitability, and energetics : a multi-criteria assessmentof farmers’ tillage and crop establishment options for maize inintensively cultivated environments of South Asia. 2016. Gathala, M.K.; Timsina, J.; Islam, S.; Krupnik, T.J.; Bose, T.R.; Islam, N.; Rahman, M.; Hossain, I.; Harun-Ar-Rashid; Ghosh, A.K.; Mustafa Kamrul Hasan; Khayer, A.; Islam, Z.; Tiwari, T.P.; McDonald, A. Field Crops Research 186 : 32-46.
  8. Progress in stacking aflatoxin and fumonisin contamination resistance genes in maize hybrids. 2016. Chiuraise, N.; Derera, J.; Yobo, K.S.; Magorokosho, C.; Nunkumar, A.; Qwabe, N.F.P. Euphytica 207 (1) : 49-67.
  9. Soil carbon stocks in conservation agriculture systems of Southern Africa. 2016. Cheesman, S.; Thierfelder, C.; Eash, N.S.; Kassie, G.T.; Frossard, E. Soil and Tillage Research 156 : 99-109.
  10. Weed emergence as affected by maize (Zea mays L.)-cover crop rotations in contrasting arable soils of Zimbabwe under conservation agriculture. 2016. Mhlanga, B.; Cheesman, S.; Chauhan, B.S.; Thierfelder, C. Crop Protection 81 : 47-56.

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