• Day 1

    Celebrating CIMMYT’s Impact

    Date: 27 September

    Location: CIMMYT Headquarters, El Batán, Texcoco, Estado de México

    Master of Ceremonies: Nick Ishmael Perkins, Director,


    Welcome and opening statement: Maize and wheat science for improved livelihoods
    Martin Kropff, CIMMYT Director General
    Chair: Hans Braun, Director, WHEAT and CIMMYT Global Wheat Program
    Keynote: The Birth of CIMMYT – Pioneering the idea and ideals of international agricultural research
    Derek Byerlee, Former CIMMYT Economics Program Director
    Wheat: 50 years of CIMMYT’s contributions
    Sanjaya Rajaram, 2014 World Food Prize Winner and Former CIMMYT Wheat Program Director
    Maize: 50 years of CIMMYT’s contributions
    Greg Edmeades, independent consultant and former CIMMYT Maize Physiologist
    Video: CIMMYT 1966-2016


    CIMMYT and Mexico: A commitment for global sustainability and food security
    Martin Kropff, CIMMYT Director General
    Mexico and CIMMYT: An example of one of the most successful partnerships that impacted world food security
    José Calzada Rovirosa, Secretary of Agriculture, Mexico
    Message from Enrique Peña Nieto, President of Mexico


    CIMMYT Research and Innovation in Action: Demonstration visits in the fields and labs of CIMMYT’s science and impact worldwide
    12:50-13:40: Lunch


    Video: CIMMYT, IRRI, and the Green Revolution
    MS Swaminathan, father of India’s Green Revolution
    Panel: Ministers of Agriculture: Past, present and future – What will be the role of CIMMYT in national innovation systems?
    Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Kenya, and Pakistan
    CIMMYT’s future as Borlaug’s legacy
    Julie Borlaug, Texas A&M
    CIMMYT and the Mexican farmers: The relationship in the past, present, and future
    Ing. Rodolfo Elías Rodríguez Flores, Presidente, Patronato, Sonora state, Mexico
    Louise Fresco, President, Executive Board, Wageningen University and Research
    Launch: CIMMYT Strategy 2016-2030
    Martin Kropff


    Ranchero BBQ fiesta and music and cultural presentation
    CIMMYT toasts
    John Snape, CIMMYT Board Chair
    Martin Kropff
    Lucila Osorio Ceniceros, Innovative Farmer, Cuauhtémoc, Santa Catarina Tayata, Oaxaca, Mexico
    Jeanie Borlaug Laube, daughter of Dr. Norman Borlaug
    Memorial montage of CIMMYT luminaries
    Honoring long-serving CIMMYT staff
    John Snape and Martin Kropff


    Bus back to Mexico City

  • Day 2

    From production to improving livelihoods

    Date: 28 September

    Location: Camino Real Hotel, Polanco, Ciudad de México


    Official Opening
    Martin Kropff, CIMMYT
    CIMMYT’s role in Mexico’s development


    Opening keynote: It all starts with a seed – How CIMMYT has changed the world
    Ed Mabaya, The African Seed Access Index

    Session 1: The new CGIAR – Science for a food-secure future


    Chairs: Nick Austin, Interim Executive Director of the CGIAR System Organization; and Martin Kropff, Interim Chair of the CGIAR System Management Board
    Video: Kofi Annan, former Secretary-General of the United Nations
    Keynote: Juergen Voegele, Senior Director, Agriculture Global Practice, World Bank and CGIAR System Council Chair
    Jimmy Smith, Senior Director, Agriculture Global Practice, World Bank and CGIAR System Council Chair
    Elwyn Grainger-Jones, Executive Director of the CGIAR System Organization


    Paving the way forward: Benefits of the new CGIAR system governance structure
    Interactive panel of CGIAR funding partners, Directors General, and Ministers of Agriculture of Latin America (including Chile), Asia and Africa; and other panel participants
    Moderator: Nick Ishmael Perkins
    Video: Akin Adesina, President, African Development Bank


    Coffee break

    Session 2: The critical role of innovation in agriculture


    Chairs: Mohammed Shoeb Hassan, Director, Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute; and Marianne Bänziger, Deputy Director General for Research and Partnerships, CIMMYT
    Keynote: From research to agricultural transformation – The role of smallholder producers
    Kanayo Nwanze, President of IFAD
    CIMMYT-BISA: Aiming at food, nutrition and environmental security in South Asia
    Raj Paroda, Former Secretary, DARE, and Director General, ICAR, Government of India
    Agricultural innovation and rural transformation in Latin America
    María Beatríz Giraudo, Coordinator of Public Policies for Sustainable Development, Ministry of Agro Industry of the Nation, Argentina
    Food and nutrition security in changing environments – Past, present and future
    Lindiwe Majele Sibanda, Chief Executive Officer, Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network (FANRPAN)
    Agricultural research in Africa and CIMMYT
    Yemi Akinbamijo, FARA Chair
    Enabling smallholder farmers’ access to agricultural innovations – How could public-private partnerships become more impactful?
    Paul Schickler, President, DuPont Pioneer


    Summary of session (Chairs)



    Session 3: Wheat and maize breeding – Evolution for greater impacts


    Chairs: Felister Makini, Deputy Director General – Crops, KALRO; and Prasanna Boddupalli, Director, MAIZE and CIMMYT Global Maize Program
    Keynote: How can we better feed the future?
    Rob Bertram, Chief Scientist, Bureau for Food Security, USAID
    Wheat genetics and molecular genetics: Past and future
    Graham Moore, Programme Leader, Crop Genetics, John Innes Centre
    High-throughput phenotyping in maize breeding
    José Luis Araus, Professor, Plant Physiology, University of Barcelona
    Evolution of genomic selection
    Jesse Poland, Assistant Professor, Kansas State University


    Panel discussion: Addressing the challenge of rapidly increasing genetic gains in maize and wheat in the developing world through breeding
    Gunther Stiewe, Head, Cereal Seed Development Syngenta; Nora Lapitan, Senior Science Advisor, USAID; and Abebe Menkir, Team Leader, Maize Improvement, IITA.
    Moderator: Prasanna Boddupalli


    Summary of session (Chairs)


    Coffee break

    Session 4: Putting technical innovations into context to achieve greater impact


    Chairs: Citlali Fuentes Morales, Directora, Fundación Mexicana para el Desarrollo Rural; and Bruno Gérard, Director, Sustainable Intensification Program, CIMMYT
    Keynote: A golden age of remote sensing: Possibilities and pitfalls for agricultural systems research
    David Lobell, Associate Professor, Earth System Science, Stanford University
    Keynote: Systems agronomy: From fields to farms and farming systems
    Ken Giller, Professor, Plant Production Systems, Wageningen University
    Panel: The contribution of farming systems research in scaling improved management practices and technical innovations
    Shamie Zingore, Director, International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI); Saidi Mkomwa, Chief Executive Officer, African Conservation Tillage Network (ACT); Citlali Fuentes, Directora General, Fundación Mexicana para el Desarrollo Rural; and David Guerena, Agriculture Innovations Manager, One Acre Fund
    Moderator: Tim Krupnik, Systems Agronomist, CIMMYT, or Jon Hellin, Economist, CIMMYT


    Summary of session (Chairs)


    Summary of the day and announcements (Marianne Bänziger)


    CIMMYT50 Cocktail

  • Day 3

    Advancing maize and wheat research-for-development

    Date: 29 September

    Location: Camino Real Hotel, Polanco, Ciudad de México

    Session 5: Future landscapes


    Chairs: Eliud Kireger, Director General, KALRO; and Olaf Erenstein, Director, Socioeconomics Program, CIMMYT
    Keynote: Perspectives in nutrition and agricultural research-for-development
    Catherine Bertini, Professor of Practice, Public Administration and International Affairs, Syracuse University
    What does gender-balanced agriculture look like?
    Shelley Feldman, Faculty Member, Cornell University
    How the Australian national outlook can contribute to broadening the conversation globally
    Steve Hatfield-Dodds, Chief Research Leader, Integration Science and Public Policy, CSIRO
    Turning sustainability into economic valueGabriel Angiano, Country Manager for Mexico, Lloyd’s
    Grain brain: Myths and facts about the benefits of wheat and grain
    Julie Miller Jones, Advisor, Grains Food Foundation


    Summary of session (Chairs)


    Coffee break

    Session 6: Partnerships for impact


    Chairs: Alfonso Cebreros Murillo, Government Relations, Maseca Group and CIMMYT Trustee; and Bram Govaerts, Latin America Regional Representative, CIMMYT
    Keynote: Balancing development and conservation – Is it just a dream?
    Roberto Hernández Ramírez, Co-chair, Latin American Conservation Council
    Changing the agri-food business through new partnerships
    Gagan Khurana, Co-founder, Maxiterra
    A global vision with local execution: The Good Growth Plan
    Valter Brunner Director, Corporate Affairs LatAm, Syngenta


    Panel discussion: MasAgro at the state level
    Mexican state governors
    Moderator: Octavio Jurado, Chief Executive Officer, the Mexican Association of Ministers of Agriculture and Livestock (AMSDA)


    Panel discussion: Responsible sourcing for inclusion of smallholder farmers
    Alberto Raich Ortega, President, Kellogg Mexico; Francis Perez, Director of Shared Value and Sustainability Mexico, Nestlé; David Bello, Trading and Origination Director, Cargill; and representatives from Bimbo and Gruma


    Summary of session (Chairs)



    Session 7: Game-changing technologies in agricultural research


    Chairs: Sol Ortiz, Director, CIBIOGEM; and Kevin Pixley, Director, Genetic Resources Program, CIMMYT
    Keynote: The role of genetically modified crops for food security
    Matin Qaim, Professor, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
    Public-private partnership as game changer for technology development and deployment in Africa
    Denis Kyetere, Executive Director, African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF)

    CRISPR-CAS technology
    Neal Gutterson, Vice President, Research and Development, DuPont Pioneer
    Genetic gains and breeding: Novel tools and approaches
    Mark Cooper, DuPont Pioneer
    Improving the public conversation around agriculture
    Tamar Haspel, Food Columnist, Washington Post
    Equitable access to technology
    José Falck-Zepeda, Senior Research Fellow, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)


    Summary of session (Chairs)


    Coffee break

    Session 8: Empowering the next generation


    Chairs:Gloria Peralta, Mexico Representative of the Inter American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture, IICA; and Martin Kropff
    Keynote: Preparing the next generation of agricultural researchers in China
    Chunming Liu, Director, Institute of Crop Science, CAAS
    Innovation in agricultural production in Mexico
    Andrés H. Vinicio Montiel Ibarra, Asociación de Agricultores del Río Fuerte Sur, Sinaloa state, Mexico
    Video: There are opportunities in agriculture – Well Told Story is unlocking them for young people through its 360 Shujaaz experience
    Anastasia Mirzoyants-McKnight, Head of Knowledge and Learning, Well Told Story
    Young people and agricultural research: Golden opportunity or wild goose chase?
    Jim Sumberg, Fellow, Institute for Development Studies
    Agro-innovators: What the new generation looks like
    Jehiel Oliver, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Hello Tractor
    A historian’s perspective on the debates in agricultural technologies
    Mark Lynas, author and activist


    Closing keynote: Agri-food systems at the heart of sustainable development
    Martin Kropff