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  2. Climate- and market-smart mung bean advisories (CAMASMA)

Climate- and market-smart mung bean advisories (CAMASMA)

Focusing on highly profitable but weather-risk prone mung bean production in coastal Bangladesh, the Climate and market-smart mung bean advisories (CAMASMA) project develops farmer friendly and demand-driven climate- and market-smart mung bean advisory dissemination systems.

Heavy rainfall events can cause significant damage to mung bean production, causing large yield and income losses for farmers in coastal Bangladesh. By integrating and disseminating weather-forecast information, climate-smart advisories for when and how to harvest mung bean help farmers to mitigate some of the climate risks associated with crop production.

Both mung bean farmers and traders can also benefit from real-time market price data. In addition to market intelligence on where large blocks of farmers have quality mung bean for sale, CAMASMA improves information flow to lower trading firms’ transactions costs while speeding farm-gate purchase and income generation from farmers.

CAMASMA is a pilot project that demonstrates the power of climate services, agricultural advisories, and use of social network analysis and ICTs to speed information delivery and increase farmers’ resilience to extreme climatic events.


  • Customize heavy and extreme rainfall event forecasts for coastal Bangladesh
  • Analyze social networks to assist extension agents in rapid deployment of crop management advice in remote and hard to reach areas
  • Set up interpretive algorithms and interactive voice response (IVR) mobile call systems for weather, mung bean management and market advisories appropriate to men and women smallholder farmers
  • Release and promote a smartphone app providing customized weather forecasts, mung bean agronomic advice, early warnings for potential crop damaging extreme weather events, and market information
  • Establish business models and strategies for sustaining the use of IVR and smartphone apps after project closure