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Luis Castillo Villase├▒or

Research and Post-Harvest Platforms Coordinator - Pacifico Sur, Golfo Centro Hub

Luis Castillo Villase├▒or is a Research and Post-Harvest Platforms Coordinator working with CIMMYT at the Pacifico Sur, Golfo Centro Hub.

He works in the Mexican states of Oaxaca and Veracruz where he provides technical accompaniment on conservation agriculture and post-harvest based trials. Together with local collaborators and researchers, he develops sustainable crop management practices and post-harvest technologies.

Castillo Villase├▒or is a philosopher and certified technician in sustainable agriculture with more than 10 years of work experience, this allows him to see the issues in each region in an integral way. He integrates and communicates information to improve production systems for farmers, technicians and researchers working in the Mexican agricultural sector.