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Geremew Awas Abdi

Research Officer II Breeder/Agronomist

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Bekele Abeyo

Senior Scientist, Wheat Breeder and Pathologist for sub-Saharan Africa & Country Representative for Ethiopia

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Beyhan Akin

Senior Research Associate - Wheat Breeder

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Karim Ammar

Principal Scientist, Durum Wheat Breeding

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Bhoja Raj Basnet

Scientist and Lead, Hybrid Wheat Breeding and Genetics

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Alison Bentley

Director, Global Wheat Program

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Sridhar Bhavani

Senior Scientist, Head of Rust Pathology and Molecular Genetics

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Fatima Camarillo Castillo

Associate Scientist - Training Coordinator

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Abdelfattah A. Dababat

Senior Scientist, Soil Borne Diseases, and Country Representative for Turkey

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Narain Dhar

Research Fellow (Wheat Breeding)

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Susanne Dreisigacker

Wheat Molecular Breeding Laboratory Head

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Hamish Dunsford

Program Manager, Global Wheat Program

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Velu Govindan

Senior Wheat Breeder

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Zhonghu He

Distinguished Scientist and Country Representative for China