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Visit of VIP from the Chinese Embassy

Mr. Qingqing Zhao, head of Science and Technology issues in the Chinese Embassy in Mexico, visited CIMMYT on 29 January 2008 to broaden his knowledge of China and CIMMYT’s long-time, fruitful partnerships. This was his first visit, and fulfilled an intention he’d had since his arrival in Mexico in September 2007. Zhao was welcomed by Director General Masa Iwanaga, and also met with staff including Thomas Payne, Kevin Pixley, Erika Meng, Peter Ninnes, and Suketoshi Taba to learn more about China-CIMMYT collaboration and discuss how the Chinese Embassy can support the efforts. Highlights of his tour of the facilities included the germplasm bank and the Applied Biotechnology Center, and he also met with CIMMYT staff from China: Huixia Wu, Jianbing Yan, Shibin Gao, Xiaoyun Li, and Yunbi Xu.