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MasAgro shows maize seed advances to Mexico seed sector

Seed producers learn about new technology at a MasAgro event. Photo: Alberto Chassaigne/CIMMYT

By Alberto Chassaigne/CIMMYT

Representatives of Mexico’s national seed sector attended two MasAgro maize events on 3-4 April. First, in Puerto Vallarta, more than 50 representatives of national seed companies interacted with CIMMYT scientists and leaders to learn about conventional breeding and the application of advanced technology such as doubled haploid technology and selection for yield, drought tolerance, heat, low nitrogen and disease tolerance.

Speakers also presented the results of the Collaborative Networks 2013 evaluation and assessed new hybrids. Next, participants went to a field station in El Cantón, where they observed plots featuring improved hybrids MasAgro offers for the highlands, tropics and subtropics. The four-hour tour allowed participants to see the performance of the hybrids while learning about best practices. They also visited a hybrid seed production field where they could see the effective application of recommendations given by CIMMYT seed specialists. The activities allowed for the exchange of knowledge between members of the collaborative network.