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Many hands make light work

It’s that time of year again. Some CIMMYT staff are preparing their international wheat trials, which is the seed the center sends to its partners around the world. A 42-ton shipment of wheat seed arrived at El Batán on 29 June 2009 from a multiplication area in Baja California, northern Mexico. This seed will make up the winter nursery for 2009-10. This year’s consignment also contained materials for the wheat germplasm bank, and was twice as big as last year’s shipment.

Unloading the 261 boxes and 2,700 bags of seed from the truck was no small task. A huge thank you to all who participated from the following units: international wheat trials (11); bread wheat (4); durum wheat (3); germplasm bank (3); physiology (2); fusarium (2), and irrigated bread wheat (2).