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Joining forces: CIMMYT and ICAMEX

Picture31A course entitled “Fieldbook and applied statistics – ICAMEX” aimed at scientists and research assistants from ICAMEX (Instituto de InvestigaciĂłn y CapacitaciĂłn Agropecuaria, AcuĂ­cola, Forestal del Estado de Mexico) was held recently at CIMMYT-El Batán. Of the course’s 15 participants, eight scientists, including Director of Research Francisco Javier Manjarrez Juárez, arrived from ICAMEX; one participant represented Semillas Azteca; and six represented CIMMYT. The course, which was held during 31 January-02 February 2011 discussed various statistical applications, specifically, Feildbook software.

The course touched on Fieldbook’s capability to create an inventory, a nursery, preparation of seed for a nursery, analysis of a trial, GxE interaction experimental design, management, basic management of SAS and other statistical models. Héctor Sánchez, Claudio Ayala, José Crosa, and Mateo Vargas led the course.

All of the course participants showed a great interest in the course and believe the information and skills they learned will be of great value in their everyday work. “I learned so much about Fieldbook that I never knew. These new techniques will prove very useful in the development of research activities that I perform at work— specifically in the follow-up and evaluation of those activities. I also learned a little about statistical application, but we weren’t able to explore it enough. It’s a complicated subject that requires more time,” said one of the ICAMEX researchers.

Manjarrez expressed interest in conducting more courses, such as this one, at CIMMYT. The courses would cover topics relevant to ICAMEX staff.

During the closing ceremony, the participants received an award recognizing event participation.