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In memory of Bob Metzger

Long-time CIMMYT collaborator and Professor of Triticale and Wheat Genetics at Oregon State University, Robert “Bob” Metzger died in June 2008. He was a pioneer in work on Karnal bunt (Tilletia indica) in collaboration with CIMMYT, when the disease was found on wheat in Mexico, but his passion and hobby was triticale. Says CIMMYT wheat agronomist Ken Sayre, “He was a wonderful guy and is still remembered by the maids in the Costa de Oro (motel in Ciudad Obregón) as the man who brought wheat spikes to his room to hand thresh them—and make a real mess! —but he always left a big tip.” For those interested, a very nice memoriam written by his daughter appears in the USDA Annual Wheat Newsletter (Vol. 54).