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Give your heart to conservation agriculture

This year, the Conservation Agriculture (CA) Program in Mexico, CIMMYT’s host country, is participating in the 2010 Mexico Initiative. “Iniciativa México” is a venue for individuals, institutions, and organizations currently working for positive social or ecological change in Mexico to share their result-driven projects and initiatives. This is part of a nation-wide government initiative to celebrate the Bicentennial—signifying 200 years of Mexican independence — and to support national pride and social responsibility.

CIMMYT’s participation in this project originated from the passion Mexican farmers feel for their work and their love of the land, as well as their concern for the environment. Several farmers who collaborate with CIMMYT, practice CA, and are involved in CIMMYT’s CA Mexican hub project asked to be part of the Mexico Initiative in order to share the socioeconomic and environmental benefits they have gained by embracing CA crop practices.

The Mexico Initiative is asking the general public to express their support for the projects they prefer. You do this by visiting the website (http://www.iniciativamexico.org/registro.php) and registering some basic information (name, birthday, email). Then, you are given five “hearts” to distribute among the projects you think have the most potential. To find CIMMYT’s CA project, enter the keywords “Nodos de Agricultura Conservación” (Conservation Agriculture Hubs) into the search feature on the left-hand side of the webpage. To donate one or all of your hearts, click the “Detalles” link, and you will then be taken to a page where you can donate your hearts, share the project, send a message, or comment on the project. Projects that receive the most votes will receive the most visibility on the website—so be sure to share this CA project via your own social media networks! Final winners will be announced on 22 August 2010 and will receive funding and training support.