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CIMMYT at the Fair

The 27th annual Texcoco Horse Fair opened on Saturday, 24 March and CIMMYT was there. The Corporate Communications design group has put together a display booth to show both CIMMYT’s flagship products and give examples of how the center works around the world. (It’s in the agricultural pavilions area, a hundred meters or so west of the Teatro del Pueblo.)

On Wednesday evening, Mike Listman, from Corporate Communications, and Natalia Palacios, from the Global Maize Program, gave a lively and well-received presentation that included a brief talk about what CIMMYT does and a demonstration of the extraction of DNA from a banana, using common household chemicals like salt, meat texturizer, dish soap, and alcohol.

Miguel Mellado, Ma. Concepción Castro, and the design team provided invaluable support for the presentation and in designing and mounting the booth.