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Breeders come to Mexico

More than 320 plant breeders from both developing and developed countries will gather in Mexico City next week for the International Plant Breeding symposium. CIMMYT is one of the major co-organizers of the event, which will focus on the most recent developments in plant breeding. Petr Kosina (ITAU) has been coordinating and organizing much of the symposium.

“CIMMYT has played an important role in ensuring representation from the developing world,” he says. “I am so happy it has all come together.”

Among the highlights will be a field day on Wednesday here at CIMMYT Headquarters and at INIFAP, coupled with a special presentation to Norman Borlaug by the Ambassador of India. India is giving Borlaug the Padma Vibhushan award, that country’s second highest civil honor, for the work he did in bringing the Green Revolution to India. Many CIMMYT scientists will present scientific posters and some will make major presentations. The five-day event will be opened by Masa on Monday.