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tagcloud-1 Sharing information about CIMMYT’s work is essential for promotion, public awareness, and internal communication. The CIMMYT Informa and, more recently, the Intranet, have been the main internal communication vehicles for years. But in October 2008 Corporate Communications implemented a CIMMYT blog to share selected information from the Informa with a broader readership, enable fast communication of brief informal news, share communication responsibilities CIMMYT-wide, and make it possible for readers to give feedback. CIMMYTs Blog (blog.cimmyt.org) has registered over 2,500 visits from 114 countries with more than 6,000 page views, and the trend is on an upswing. A Spanish version was launched last week (blogesp.cimmyt.org). We invite CIMMYT staff to contribute directly; contact Petr Kosina or Laura Yates for a simple explanation of how it works. Postings can be made from anywhere, at anytime, and with the greatest of ease!