World Food Prize Foundation: DialogueNEXT Mexico – CIMMYT World Food Prize Foundation: DialogueNEXT Mexico – CIMMYT

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World Food Prize Foundation: DialogueNEXT Mexico

July 10 - July 11

CIMMYT, in collaboration with the World Food Prize Foundation, looks forward to hosting the upcoming DialogueNEXT at its headquarters in Texcoco, Mexico from July 10-11, 2024.

DialogueNEXT commemorates Norman Borlaug’s legacy in the Green Revolution—a period after the Second World War that recorded increased crop yields and greater food production. The wheat varieties and technology developed by Borlaug permitted farmers to multiply crop yields, improving agricultural livelihoods and feeding the population boom of the 20th century. CIMMYT and the World Food Prize Foundation also celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Office of Special Studies, which laid the foundation for CIMMYT’s inauguration in 1966.

Under the theme, Seeds of Strength: Nurturing Farmer Resilience, DialogueNEXT brings together local and international food systems stakeholders to discuss climate change mitigation, sustainable food production, and agricultural development strategies to outline a coordinated approach that can deliver the impact of the Green Revolution for today’s smallholder farmers. Read more information and register on the event site.

Norman Borlaug (fourth right) in the field showing a plot of Sonora-64, one of the semi-dwarf, high-yield, disease-resistant varieties that was key to the Green Revolution, to a group of young international trainees, at what is now CIMMYT’s CENEB station (Campo Experimental Norman E. Borlaug, or The Norman E. Borlaug Experiment Station), near Ciudad ObregĂłn, Sonora, northern Mexico. (Photo: CIMMYT)

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July 10
July 11
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