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CIMMYT scientists have won many awards for their research and fieldwork, including the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize in 1970 and the World Food Prize in 2000 and 2014.

A large number of trophies, titles, certificates, commemorative plaques, medals, badges, pins and ribbons acknowledging scientific excellence at CIMMYT over the past 50 years are too numerous to list, but some highlights follow below.



Norman Borlaug Award for Lifetime Achievement in Wheat Research – Hans Braun

Fellow of the American Society of Agronomy (ASA) – Bram Govaerts

China’s National Labor Medal – He Zhonghu


Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) – Kanwarpal Dhugga

American Society of Agronomy’s International Agronomy Award – Hans Braun

Fellow from the Crop Science Society of America – Alexey Morgunov

Frank N. Meyer Medal for Plant Genetic Resources – Thomas Payne

Indian Council of Agricultural Research’s Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Award – M.L. Jat

Jeanie Borlaug Laube Women in Triticum (WIT) Early Career Award – Carolina Rivera


Chinese International Science and Technology Cooperation Award – CIMMYT

Two Australian CM Donald Awards – Tim Reeves, former Director General


India’s Society for Plant Research 2016 Young Scientist Award for Agriculture – Velu Govindan


Robert Gabriel Mugabe Award for Outstanding Research – Maize Breeding Team of the Department of Research and Specialist Services (DR&SS), Zimbabwe

China Friendship Award – Ravi Singh


The Magnolia Silver Award (China) – Yunbi Xu

World Food Prize – Sanjaya Rajaram

Norman Borlaug Award for Field Research and Application, World Food Prize – Bram Govaerts


Reconocimiento apoyo a la investigacion en maíz – Luis Narro

Stakeman Award, University of Minnesota – Ravi Singh


UK Climate Week Award – DTMA Project

The 100 Best PhD Dissertations Award of China – Yanli Lu

Reconocimiento apoyo a la investigacion en maíz – Luis Narro


Fellow of the Indian Society of Genetics and Plant Breeding – B.M. Prasanna


Apoyo a la Investigacion en Cereales (FENALCE, Colombia) – Luis Narro

Japan International Award for Young Agricultural Researchers – Jianbing Yan


China Friendship Award – José Luis Araus

Knight Commander of the Order Manuel Amador Guerrero (Panama) – Hugo Cordova

Third Dr. M.S. Swaminathan Award for Leadership in Agriculture – Surinder K. Vasal, Former Distinguished Scientist, CIMMYT

G.H. Stringfield Award (Ohio State University) – Kevin Pixley

Jindig Award, Sichuan Province (China) – Ravi Singh – Recognition of CIMMYT’s contribution to wheat production

CGIAR Science Award for Outstanding Scientist – José Crossa


Promising young scientist (CGIAR) – Natalia Palacios

Contribucion al Mejoramiento de Maiz de Bolivia – Luis Narro

Sobresaliente Contribucion a la Investigacion de Maiz en Peru – Luis Narro


CGIAR King Baudouin Award – CIMMYT

Congressional Gold Medal – Norman Borlaug

National Medal of Science – Dr. Norman Borlaug

Padam Vibhushan Award (India) – Norman Borlaug – Recognition for services to the farmers in the subcontinent


CM Donald Medal (Australia) – Tony Fischer – Recognition of his unique contribution to agriculture in Australia

Belgian Development Co-operation Prize – Bram Govaerts – Contribution to the pursuit of sustainable development in the global south


Gold Medal for Peace (Nepal) – Guillermo Ortiz – Ferrara – Contributions to peace and prosperity in Nepal by helping poor farmers improve both livelihoods and the country’s agricultural development

China Friendship Award – Hans Braun – Contributions to wheat improvement in Gansu province


Qilu Friendship Award (China) – Ken Sayre, Wheat Program agronomist

Public Welfare Medal, U.S. National Academy of Sciences – Norman Borlaug

Medalla al Mérito Agrícola (Bolivia) – Patrick Wall


Orders of the Burning Spear (Kenya) – Wilfred Mwangi

China Friendship Award – Surinder K. Vasal, Former Distinguished Scientist, CIMMYT


The Millennium World Food Prize – Evangelina Villegas and Surinder K. Vasal


Order of the Aztec Eagle (Mexico) – Donald Winkelmann


U.S. Presidential Medal of Freedom – Norman Borlaug


Nobel Peace Prize – Norman Borlaug

Order of the Aztec Eagle (Mexico) – Norman Borlaug


Order of the Aztec Eagle (Mexico) – Edwin J. Wellhausen