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CIMMYT in the news

Recent media stories featuring the work of CIMMYT scientists.

In the media

Source: (20 Jan 2021)

In combination with recommended integrated pest management practices, adopting these new varieties is an important step towards safeguarding smallholder farmers against this devastating viral disease.

In the media

Source: The Third Pole (25 Nov 2020)

Once a world leading lentil producer, Nepal is now having to import them as farmers struggle with low productivity and warmer, wetter weather.

In the media

Source: The Himalayan Times (6 Nov 2020)

CIMMYT and Nepal’s Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development developed a digitally enabled seed information system so farmers have timely access to quality seed.

In the media

Source: SciDev.Net (3 Nov 2020)

Wheat blast is a serious threat to wheat production and can lead to yield losses of up to 100 percent.

In the media

Source: Financial Express (30 Oct 2020)

Setting benchmarks for carbon sequestered or abated through farming and roping in companies to commercialize carbon credits can help agricultural income grow.

In the media

Source: Times of India (23 Oct 2020)

It’s that time of the year when pollution levels start increasing, but two factors may help north India avoid the ‘airpocalypse’ this time.

In the media

Source: El Universal (16 Oct 2020)

CIMMYT and Kellogg partnership seeks to increase the productivity of land and efficient use of available natural resources while mitigating the effects of climate change.

In the media

Source: Rural 21 (9 Oct 2020)

Wheat blast poses a serious threat to rain-fed wheat production in Zambia and raises the alarm for surrounding regions and countries on the African continent with similar environmental conditions.

In the media

Source: CGTN Africa (9 Nov 2020)

CIMMYT maize breeder Yoseph Beyene discusses drought-tolerant maize and maize with resistance to fall armyworm.

In the media

Source: Kenya Broadcasting Company (5 Oct 2020)

CIMMYT and partners are supporting the commercial seed sector to produce seed free from the maize cause of maize lethal necrosis.

In the media

Source: Seed World (1 Oct 2020)

CIMMYT’s seed bank preserves the genetic diversity of maize and wheat so the crops can adapt to a changing production environment.

Food security
In the media

Source: Devex (29 Sep 2020)

Farmers in South Sudan using fall armyworm-specific biological control Fawlingen have shown a 63% increase in yield compared to untreated plots.