Policies Files

CGIAR Open Access Policy

  • This policy is part of the ‘CGIAR IA Principles’ and provides the general guidelines in how all Information Products shall be handled and the timeframes for making the information products open access.
  • Version: October 2013

Policy for the Development of CIMMYT Collaboration Agreements

  • CIMMYT Substantive Agreements Policy defines when while entering into public-public and public-private collaborations and collaboration agreements, inputs & results may not entail international public goods by themselves but will be used to further CIMMYT’s mission, the development and dissemination of international public goods, and for stakeholders in developing countries.

    Approved: September 2013

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SMTA - Chinese

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SMTA - Spanish

Subgrant General Terms and Conditions

  • The following General Terms and Conditions are incorporated by reference in, and shall form an integral part of, the Subgrant Letter. In the event of conflict or inconsistency between the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions and the Subgrant Letter, the latter shall prevail.

    Approved: 23 March 2013

CGIAR Principles on the Management of Intellectual Assets (CGIAR IA Principles)

  • The Consortium and the Fund Council have agreed on the following Principles with respect to the management of Intellectual Assets produced or acquired by the Consortium and/or the Centers.

    Effective as of: 7 March 2012 | Approved: By Consortium Board on 1 March 2012 and by the Fund Council on 7 March 2012

CGIAR IA Principles-Examples

  • Examples of restrictions to global access to maximize impact

    Some donors requested concrete examples illustrating how restrictions to global access through Limited Exclusivity Agreements (Article 6.2), Restricted Use Agreements (Article 6.3) and IP Applications (Article 6.4) can sometimes be necessary to maximize impact in furtherance of the CGIAR Vision.

    Approved: 6 March 2012

CGIAR IA Principles-Explanatory Note

  • Explanatory note on the CGIAR IA Report

    Some donors commented on the high level report from the Consortium to the FC and would like more explicit details of what it will contain - i.e. what is confidential and what is not.

    Approved: 29 February 2012

Position Statement on Genetically Modified Crop Varieties

  • CIMMYT is devoted to research which will provide sustainable increases in agricultural productivity and improve the quality of life of millions of farmers and consumers in developing countries.

    Approved: October 2011 | Released: January 2012

CIMMYT Intellectual Property Policy

  • CIMMYT’s Policy on Intellectual Property defines the principles that CIMMYT considers essential to achieve its objectives. CIMMYT shall use its intellectual property and that acquired from third parties in ways that fully support CIMMYT’s mission. Specific details regarding practical implementation issues are described in CIMMYT’s IP Management Manual. Implementation of the IP Policy is monitored by the CIMMYT Board of Trustees.

    Effective as of: 1 April 2009