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Wheat physiologists fête Matthew Reynolds

March 4, 2009

On 20 February 2009 in Ciudad Obregón, Sonora State, northern Mexico, CIMMYT wheat physiology staff threw a surprise party for Wheat physiologist Matthew Reynolds, who on 22 February completed 20 years working at CIMMYT and living in Mexico. In recognition of his contributions to the center, Reynolds was awarded a diploma and a sculpted figure of a dancer from the Yaqui tribe, an indigenous group still living in the region. “We wanted to give Matthew a token of our affection and admiration for his 20 years of work,” said Suzuky Pinto, a member of Reynold’s team.

Reynolds expressed heartfelt thanks and said he was touched by the surprise which for him was extremely memorable. He acknowledged his colleagues and partners’ support, and especially that of Eugenio and Luis Pérez, who have worked with him almost since day one.