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Reflections on the global impact of biofortification

October 19, 2018

Over two billion people across the world suffer from hidden hunger, the consumption of a sufficient number of calories, but still lacking essential nutrients such as vitamin A, iron or zinc. This can …

2018 World Food Prize recognizes action to improve child nutrition

October 18, 2018

DES MOINES (Iowa) — As winners of the 2018 World Food Prize, Lawrence Haddad and David Nabarro are being recognized today for their individual work in unifying global nutrition efforts and reducing ch …

Breaking Ground: Gemma Molero sheds light on wheat photosynthesis

July 18, 2018

Despite the rising interest in advanced methods to discover useful genes for breeding in crops like wheat, the role of crop physiology research is now more important than ever, according to Gemma Mole …

Scientists, policymakers meet in Bangladesh to produce climate services agenda for Asia

September 15, 2017

DHAKA (CIMMYT) – Successful farm management requires reliable climate prediction technology to ensure crops flourish and make it to harvest. High-quality data, maps, risk and vulnerability analyses no …

Agricultural researchers forge new ties to develop nutritious crops and environmental farming

January 25, 2017

Scientists from two of the world’s leading agricultural research institutes will embark on joint research to boost global food security.

Wheat rust poses food security risk for global poor, says DFID’s Priti Patel

December 5, 2016

Wheat rust monitoring efforts are not only keeping the fast-spreading disease in check, but are deployed to manage other crop diseases, said a scientist at a scientific meeting in London.

Video project in Bangladesh wins award for effective farmer communication

April 29, 2016

Filming “Save more, grow more, earn more” EL BATAN, Mexico (CIMMYT) – A collaborative video project aimed at raising farmers’ awareness of small-scale agricultural machinery, water, time, and labor sa …

Global wheat community discusses research, partnerships at Obregon pilgrimage

April 14, 2016

For hundreds of international agricultural development experts, an annual gathering in northern Mexico provides a vital platform for sharing and debating the latest wheat breeding news and research.

Will we feed humanity by 2050?

January 26, 2016

Bram Govaerts, Leader of CIMMYT’s program on Sustainable Intensification in Latin America, presented at a keynote speech titled “Ending hunger: Can we achieve humanity’s elusive goal by 2050?” at the …

Conservation agriculture expert at Oxford Farming Conference

January 3, 2016

MEDIA ADVISORY WHAT: Bram Govaerts, strategic leader for Sustainable Intensification in Latin America and Latin America representative at the Mexico-based International Maize and Wheat Improvement Cen …

Conservation agriculture expert at Oxford Farming Conference

January 3, 2016

Bram Govaerts, strategic leader for Sustainable Intensification in Latin America and Latin America representative at CIMMYT makes keynote speech at Oxford Farming Conference.

SUPER WOMAN: Julie King tames wild relatives of wheat, improving resilience

May 29, 2015

GENETIC VARIATION AND DIVERSITY TRANSFER ACROSS DIFFERENT GRASS SPECIES International Women’s Day on March 8, offers an opportunity to recognize the achievements of women worldwide. This year, CIMMYT …

Index insurance to safeguard farmers from climate change

February 10, 2015

“We’ve got the germplasm and improved varieties, but what can we do to overcome the hurdle of farmer adoption of these technologies?” Jon Hellin, value chain and poverty specialist for CIMMYT’s Socioe …

Genetic modification—yes or no? London Science Museum stages global debate

May 14, 2012

CIMMYT E-News, vol 6 no. 1, January 2009   They draw fierce criticism from environmental groups, are hailed by some companies and scientists as a solution to global hunger, and chances are you’ve …

Drought tolerant maize wins 2012 UK Climate Week Award

May 14, 2012

The United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (DFID) has won Best Technological Breakthrough at the UK Climate Week Awards for its support to a project to develop drought-tolerant maiz …