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New partnership announced for sustainable maize production in Colombia

February 14, 2019

Palmira (Colombia), February 14, 2019 — AGROSAVIA, Colombia’s leading not-for-profit organization for agricultural research and technology transfer, the International Center for Tropical Agriculture ( …

First zinc maize variety launched to reduce malnutrition in Colombia

February 28, 2018

A new CIMMYT developed zinc-enriched maize variety was released in Colombia to help combat malnutrition in South America.

New zinc enriched maize set to improve nutrition in Colombia

February 21, 2018

Cali, Colombia (CIMMYT) – The first zinc-enriched maize variety developed for South America will be released in Colombia on February 23 in an effort to combat malnutrition in the country. Developed us …

Improving diet through nutritious maize in Colombia

May 2, 2016

A field day was organized at the International Center for Tropical Agriculture to show the advances of biofortified maize in Colombia.

Donors push for sustainable agriculture in Latin America and the Caribbean

April 26, 2016

CIMMYT joins global partnership to find sustainable solutions to agriculture in Latin America and the Caribbean.

CIAT Director General visits CIMMYT

December 18, 2015

Ruben Echeverría, Director General of the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) headquartered near Cali, Colombia, gave a brown bag seminar on “An evolving LAC strategy … from internati …

New technologies to increase coffee-maize system profitability

June 8, 2015

To demostrate the advances of the project “Increasing the profitability of maize-coffee systems” conducted by CIMMYT in Colombia over the past 10 years in collaboration with the National Federation of …

Maize protects Colombian coffee from climate change

June 1, 2015

Preliminary results have shown that a maize-coffee cropping system acts like a huge atmospheric carbon sink, capturing up to 60 times more carbon than a coffee-bean system during one cycle of the asso …

CIAT and CIMMYT complete genetic analysis and plant breeding course in Colombia

July 23, 2014

By Luis Narro and Janeth Bolaños/ CIMMYT Dr. Jiankang Wang planted a bread tree at the end of the course, which is a CIAT tradition to mark the close of an international training course. CIMMYT’s offi …

AIP-maize establishes public-private variety evaluation network in Pakistan

June 9, 2014

By AbduRahman Beshir Issa/CIMMYT The maize component of the recently launched Agricultural Innovation Program (AIP) for Pakistan has created a public-private network to evaluate CIMMYT international t …

CIMMYT strengthens partnerships in South America

April 17, 2014

By Sam Storr/CIMMYT Representatives from the national agricultural systems in Bolivia and Ecuador visited CIMMYT at El Batán, Mexico, from 7-9 April to lay the framework for future collaboration to im …

Course on remote sensing using an unmanned aerial vehicle in Peru

July 19, 2013

Training on the use of remote sensing from an unmanned aerial vehicle was given at INIAP-Peru’s Vista Florida experiment station on 1-5 June 2013. The course was organized by INIAP, the University of …

Generating drought tolerant maize varieties in Latin America

May 15, 2013

On 26-27 April 2013, the FONTAGRO “Generation and validation of drought tolerant maize varieties to stabilize and reduce mycotoxin damage resulting from climate change” project held its end-of-project …

New postharvest storage technologies for Latin America

March 23, 2013

The 2nd Latin American Convention on Airtight Storage sponsored by the global company GrainPro, Inc was held during 1-2 March 2013 in Antigua, Guatemala. More than 50 participants from Brazil, Ecuador …

FONTAGRO project holds workshop in Colombia

October 23, 2012

The FONTAGRO project “Development of Maize Lines Combining Drought Tolerance and Ear Rot Resistance as a Way to Mitigate the Effects of Climate Change and Minimize Mycotoxin Contamination” held a work …

Training, a golden rule at CIMMYT-Colombia

December 14, 2011

Training is a key CIMMYT activity, and in the CIMMYT-Colombia office it has been essential for all staff. During 08-11 November 2011, CIMMYT colleagues and partners took part in a course on analysis a …

Colombian plains project hosts a maize harvest workshop

November 1, 2011

On 19 August 2011, a workshop was hosted by CIMMYT-Colombia for maize producers, association representatives, and educators and students from various local universities, among others, on the advances …

From CIMMYT-Colombia: The first 50 years of FENALCE

July 20, 2010

This is how the National Federation of Cereal and Legume Producers (FENALCE) announces on its website that on 30 June 2010 it celebrated half a century of its establishment. CIMMYT’s relationship with …

CIMMYT stories from Colombia

May 27, 2010

Varieties of QPM released Two new quality protein maize (QPM) varieties, designed to thrive in the tropical lowland coffee production zones of southwest Colombia, were released on 14 April 2010. CIMMY …

Maize as a cash intercrop with perennials in Colombia

November 24, 2009

For about six years, CIMMYT and the large Colombian producer federations for coffee (FEDERECAFE) and cereals (FENALCE) have partnered to help coffee growers profit by cropping maize in the rows betwee …