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Program Manager and Liaison Officer

Associate Scientist - Systems Agronomist

Consultant - Africa Partner and Business Development

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Financial Coordinator
Innovation and technology

Study shows service provider models in Africa, Latin America and South Asia increase smallholder access to agricultural machinery, but can remain dependent on projects to tackle major bottlenecks for scaling.

Monitor, Evaluation and Learning Manager - ICT for Agriculture

Training Unit Coordinator

Cropping Systems Agronomist

Buena Milpa Project Leader
Climate change

Farmers are increasingly adopting conservation agriculture practices. This sustainable farming method is based on three principles: crop diversification, minimal soil movement and permanent soil cover.

Food security
In the media

Source: El Universal (12 Jan 2020)

Research shows that conservation agriculture under irrigation conditions increases yields and soil organic carbon, even in poor quality soil.

Senior Manager, Partnerships for Access to Markets
Climate change

Science offers opportunity to curb greenhouse gas emissions related to agriculture and meet climate goals.