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Recent publications from CIMMYT staff

January 26, 2016

The latest research from CIMMYT covers gender and agriculture in Malawi, topsoil and organic carbon variability, and reallocation of farm resources. Explore the latest publications below, and remember to stay current on new articles related to maize/wheat/conservation agriculture, CIMMYT journal articles, CIMMYT library’s acquisitions and related news at the Knowledge Center’s blog here!

  1. Agricultural innovations and food security in Malawi : gender dynamics, institutions and market implications. 2016. Mutenje, M.; Kankwamba, H.; Mangisonib, J.; Kassie, M. Technological Forecasting and Social Change 103 : 240-248.
  2. Diversity in crop residue management across an intensification gradient in southern Africa : system dynamics and crop productivity. 2016. Rusinamhodzi, L.; Corbeels, M.; Giller, K.E. Field Crops Research 185 : 79-88.
  3. Large topsoil organic carbon variability is controlled by Andisol properties and effectively assessed by VNIR spectroscopy in a coffee agroforestry system of Costa Rica. 2016. Kinoshita, R.; Roupsard, O.; Chevallier, T.; Albrecht, A.; Taugourdeau, S.; Zia Ahmed; Harold, M. van Es. Geoderma 262 : 254-265.
  4. Living within their means : Reallocation of farm resources can help smallholder farmers improve crop yields and soil fertility. 2016. Rusinamhodzi, L.; Dahlin, S.; Corbeels, M. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment  216 :125-136.
  5. Reduced tillage and nitrogen effects on soil water dynamics and maize (Zea mays L.) yield under semi-arid conditions. 2016. Mupangwa, W.; Twomlow, S.; Walker, S. International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability 14 (1) : 13-30.