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Vijay Chaikam

Senior Scientist - Maize Doubled Haploid Technology

Vijay Chaikam is a scientist and manages CIMMYT’s doubled haploid production facility in Kiboko, Kenya and conducts research on improving the efficiency of the double haploid (DH) production process. Use of DH lines increases the efficiency of maize breeding by reducing the time and cost to develop improved varieties. The DH facility offers service in DH line production to all interested maize breeding programs in Africa.

Chaikam’s current research involves developing improved haploid inducers with high haploid induction rates and good agronomic performance, novel methods of haploid identification and efficient protocols for chromosomal doubling. He also works closely with breeders to develop ways of using DH lines more efficiently in maize breeding programs.

In the last few years CIMMYT’s work on DH has been enormously successful with more than 200,000 DH lines delivered. Chaikam has also generated several publications and empowered many CIMMYT partners through training.