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Nele Verhulst

Cropping Systems Agronomist

Nele Verhulst is a senior scientist and cropping systems agronomist. With a team of researchers and local staff, she works on the development of conservation agriculture based management practices and postharvest technologies in Latin America, with a focus on Mexico and Central America.

The agronomic management practices Verhulst and her team develop aim to conserve natural resources, obtain high and stable yields and increase economic returns for farmers. Their postharvest work focuses on the evaluation of technologies for small-scale farmers that allow them to store their grain while conserving its quality until consumption.

Currently, their network has experiments run by local collaborators at over 50 locations in Mexico. Capacity development with researchers and extension agents is an important part of the team’s work. They share results through publications, ranging from scientific articles to extension leaflets, and scale recommendations for farmers through the innovation networks.