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  2. Maria del Refugio Boa Alvarado

Maria del Refugio Boa Alvarado

Scaling Coordinator

Maria Boa is the scaling coordinator of CIMMYT’s sustainable intensification program (SIP). She works with researchers, extension agents, farmers and other stakeholders to foster responsible scaling processes for innovations. She unpacks the science and the art of scaling innovations for sustainable rural development and supports teams in gaining clarity of the main challenges and opportunities to reach impact at scale.

Before joining CIMMYT, Boa worked as a visiting researcher for the Climate Change Agriculture and Food Security Program (CCAFS) in Central America. She trained as a manager of natural resources, and holds an International Masters degree in Rural Development from Wageningen University, Gent University and Humboldt University.

Her research interests include systems thinking, agricultural innovation systems, sustainable agriculture, and social change.