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Jean-Marie Padden

General Counsel

Jean-Marie Padden is CIMMYT’S General Counsel. After studying in the Yucatan and Mexico City during high school, Jean-Marie studied Spanish Language and Literature at Seton Hill University; her Spanish language skills enabled her to serve a multi-agency task force that resettled 125,000 Cuban and Haitian boatlift refugees. She spent most of her professional career in the Washington, D.C. area where, before attending law school, she supported U.S. non-profit organizations and university NGO infrastructure grant projects.

Following award of her Juris Doctor degree by the George Washington University, Padden served the legal departments of global passenger transit and engineering-based companies for more than two decades. In roles such as joint venture General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer, and Associate General Counsel, she supported global operations of U.S., foreign, and multinational peacekeeping forces. She also has served as a compliance consultant to a variety of global organizations, with a focus on establishing, reviewing, and strengthening their compliance programs