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Gideon Kruseman

Foresight and Ex-Ante Research Leader

Gideon Kruseman leads the foresight, ex-ante impact assessment and targeting team at CIMMYT, and for MAIZE and WHEAT. It can take 10 to 25 years between the start of agricultural research to full deployment in farmers’ fields, so concentrating on today’s issues may provide solutions to yesterday’s problems. Kruseman seeks to overcome this challenge by focusing on climate change, new and emerging pests and diseases, dietary change, rural transformation, and disruptive technologies.

Ex-ante impact assessment looks at pipeline technologies and at research investments. Gideon holds a doctorate in development economics from Wageningen University and has worked for CGIAR, academia, national agricultural research systems and a nongovernmental organization. He is an expert at complex modeling, especially using GAMS and R. He leads the community of practice on socio-economic data in the CGIAR platform for big data in agriculture. He also chairs the Institutional Ethics in Research Committee.