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Wheat invasion at El-Batán

CIMMYT’s annual wheat improvement and pathology course kicked-off this week at CIMMYT-El Batán. The three-month long course, began 21 February 2011, will give participants an intensive understanding of CIMMYT’s latest work in wheat breeding and pathology. The 20 participating scientists arrived at El-Batán representing Afghanistan, Kenya, Iran, Syria, Turkey, Italy, Paraguay, China, and Argentina.

Wheat pathologist Amor Yahyaoui, facilitator of this course for the first time, welcomed the participants with a warm introduction and will continue to lead them through the course as they split their time between the El-Batán and Obregón stations. The course’s thorough agenda covers all areas of wheat science including pathology, agronomy, genetics, trial design, biotechnology, and breeding.

Lasting until 20 May, the course will equip its international participants with knowledge and experience they can take back and implement in their own countries and institutions.