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Wheat improvement trainees successfully conclude course

After spending 2 months and a half in Obregon and two weeks in Batan, participants in the 2012 Wheat Improvement Course celebrated their graduation at CIMMYT’s El Batán headquarters last Thursday 31. This time there were 23 participants from 16 countries: Afghanistan, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, China, Ethiopia, India, Iran, Kenya, Mexico, Nepal, Pakistan, Turkey, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Uzbekistan. Course took place form March 01 to May 31, 2012.


This course runs every year as part of CIMMYT’s commitment to long-term, in-depth training, and is addressed to early career scientists. Objective is to aim each participant to return home with the skills and knowledge needed to design and run a sustainable modern wheat improvement program, valuing teamwork and interdisciplinary research. Participants were involved in lectures given by CIMMYT scientist and invited speakers such as Jesse Dubin, Perry Gustafson, Bob McIntosh, Ignacio Solís, Andrea Masi among others and also hands on training executing activities such as: emasculation, inoculation, seeding, pulling plants and seed selection under the guidance of wheat scientist. Trainees also had the chance to visit some important sites in their way back to Obregon such as the Asociación de Agricultores del Río de Sinaloa Poniente (AARSP), which is one of the platforms of Pacific Hub as well as the Genetic Resources National Center (CNRG) in Tepatitlán and CIMMYT Toluca Experimental Station.

All of them were really enthusiastic of having had the chance to travel to Mexico and come to CIMMYT to learn more about wheat improvement techniques. For many of them it was the first time they travel overseas. “I never thought I would be here and had the chance to participate in this course, it is being a great experienced, “said Naeela Qureshi, a Pakistani trainee who was one of the four Borlaug Fellowship who participated in the course.

Venu Kumaran Vilkas, from India, expressed during this graduation speech that his experience in Mexico is very fruitful in his career and recognized the tremendous work that is being performed by all CIMMYT wheat scientist.

During the graduation there were recognitions to Rajendra Prasad Yadav (Nepal) as outstanding participant; Nadeem Ahmad (Pakistan) for best report writing); Oybek Amonov (Uzbekistan) for most improved, and to Mohammed Armion (Iran), Md. Mahamudul Hasan 2nd (Bangladesh) and Lutangu Jethrow Makweti 3rd (Zambia) for the best photo presentation.

CIMMYT congratulates to all the participants on successfully completing the course and looks forward to future collaboration with them as part of the extended CIMMYT family as they continue to work on the enhancement of wheat production in their home countries. We wish them a safe trip back home.